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Snorkeling with the honu (Green Sea Turtles) at Kam III in South Kihei

Wake up early if you want to be sure to catch the sea turtles when you snorkel in Maui. They wake up early and they are hungry, on the prowl for some dolphins (just kidding). I’m pretty sure they eat sea weed or something like that. They are friendly but a little cautious. The sun rose at 6:15AM but on the opposite side of the island. I got in at about 6:30AM and quickly ran into three on the right side of Kam III. No need for a rash gaurd, the water is pretty warm as it is. I took a ton of pictures with my GoPro but this was one video I took. There will be more to come! BTW, once you purchase fins and a snorkel, this activity is completely free and there are a ton of places to go around the island so you’ll never get bored. Hopefully I can get some really great videos when whale season starts in a few months.